Parents of autistic children complain about government inaction

Recently, the “Child with a Future” Foundation receives more and more complaints from parents of autistic children about government officials and educational institutions inaction, who are ignoring the rights and needs of children with special needs. This applies to different regions of our country and children of all ages. We are concerned about this. Although we continue to emphasize that Ukraine has already formed a good (still not perfect) legal framework for the inclusion and protection of the rights of children with special needs.

Perhaps this is the temporary negative consequences of the quarantine period, which all Ukrainians felt. But, possibly, it is the beginning of a threatening trend towards curtailing achievements in the education system and support of autistic children that have been achieved in recent years. Least of all we would like to rely on rumors and emotions, although, as you understand, sincere parental emotions are an integral part and obligatory component of raising every child.

However, given the information that we receive, we want to appeal to everyone who believes that their child is experiencing certain harassment, not to be silent, and talk about it openly!

If you cannot share your information in public for some reason, write to us in private messages, e-mail (, call. We assure you that each of your messages will be analyzed by our specialists and experts, partners and friends, colleagues, and associates.

We remind you that the protection of the rights and freedoms of children with special needs in Ukraine has always been and remains the main goal and mission of our activity.

Respectfully yours, the team of the “Child with a Future” Foundation

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