‘Medical support for children with mental development disorders’ online seminar is available

‘Medical support for children with mental development disorders’ online seminar is already available for viewing.


The lecture was given by children’s neurologist, senior researcher, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Miroshnikov. He answered the audience’s questions during the seminar.

Dr. Miroshnikov reminded parents that a child with autism needs to have a full medical check-up. Issues like food allergies can have a massive effect both on the health and behaviour of the child. The rest of the body cannot be forgotten – muscles, bones, teeth, mouth, etc., are no less important. Likewise, a blood test will show if there are any other issues, for example iron or vitamin deficiency. More detailed examinations should be carried out as soon as parents notice a health problem.

The questions of the effect of various medications on the child and dietary supplements were discussed during the online seminar. “You cannot give pills to autistic persons without consulting a doctor,” he emphasized. ”Not only there are possible side effects, but giving pills to a child without consulting a doctor may have a detrimental effect on the child’s health.”

Alexander Miroshnikov reminded parents once again that there is no cure for autism, there are only medications for specific medical problems.

On the pages of the anniversary edition of ‘Autism Today’ you can find online seminars, interviews with the founder of a charitable organization, and the story of an autistic woman who destroys myths.

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