‘Children with mental development disorders in an inclusive space’ topic was discussed in Zhytomyr

«A child with mental development disorders in a modern inclusive space» practical seminar was held in Zhytomyr on February 5th. The event was organized by the ‘Autism-Europe’ Consul and the founder of the ‘Child with a Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko.

Zhytomyr’s teachers, as well as parents of children with special needs, invited the Consul once again. They felt the need to deepen knowledge in this area.

The seminar was held on the secondary school №28 basis in Zhytomyr. There are about 20 children with various nosologies studying there.

“We are constantly working to ensure that our specialists have someone to learn from,” says the event organizer, the director of the ‘Second Inclusive Resource Center’ of the Zhytomyr Regional Council Alla Shovtyuk. “Therefore, we invite speakers with relevant topics to our seminars. We need to understand how to properly implement inclusive education today.”

The participants heard about the sensory features of autistics and the correct preparation for inclusion within the seminar. They learned to introduce children with mental development disorders into the team and support them in an educational institution.

We also talked about the behavior problem analysis of children with mental development disorders in the context of inclusion.

“Unfortunately, the current state of specialists’ training for working in an inclusive educational environment does not meet public needs in Ukraine. That’s why the demand for information seminars is very high,” says the director of the “Child with a Future” Foundation Galina Lozova. “Therefore, we continue to respond to invitations from the regions and share information on the seminars.”

“Specialists and parents of special children should understand who autistic people are, how to accept such children, their features, and how to explain all this,” says Inna Sergienko. “As a part of my training seminars around the country, I always give information that is relevant to the assembled audience. We have already been to Zhytomyr many times, and now I am talking about the adaptation of children with autism in an inclusive environment.  This is an urgent topic that must be resolved in regions.”

Zhytomyr’s seminar about autism is part of the Inna’s Sergienko regional tour. Consul of the “Autism-Europe” received an international award from INAP (International Naturally Autistic People Awards) in the Community Mentor nomination.