Bullying (baiting) received another – even more brutal shade in today’s world of gadgets and technologies. After all, any video with bullying can get into the network and cause the victim an even greater psychological trauma.

Especially bullying is common in the school environment. Any child who is not similar to others can be its object. That is why autistic children are often the first to find themselves in the risk group. Because such children stand out among their peers.

So, how to counteract bullying? Stephen Shore from the US will talk about this topic during the Second International Practical Conference on Autism. The speaker is the Professor of Education for People with Development Disabilities at the University of Adelphia and he is diagnosed with ‘Atypical development with strong autistic symptoms.’

He notes: bullying has an extremely strong impact on personality formation. After all, if a child has been bullied at school, he has lower self-esteem and has difficulties in relationships – even with parents. Also, it can lead to depression, which can have tragic consequences if not to try to overcome it earlier.

That’s why, during the conference Stephen Shore will give advice to parents and teachers on how to identify and eradicate signs of bullying in a children’s group, in the classroom, and at the school level.

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism ‘IPAC-2020’ will be held online on November 21-22 and 28-29. The main topic of the event will be inclusion and family support. 18 international and Ukrainian experts will speak at the conference.

Learn more about the conference and how to get there: https://conf.cwf.com.ua/