Inna Sergienko made a presentation on support for families with special children during the 5th School on Autism

Ukrainian families raising special children need constant support, including from the state. And for this system to work, it is necessary to create a truly inclusive society.

About this ‘Autism Europe’ Consul and the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation founder Inna Sergienko told during the 5th scientific-practical school on autism “Children, adolescents and young people with autism spectrum disorders. New challenges and approaches to therapy and rehabilitation.

The event was held in Lviv in both online and offline formats.

During her communication with the audience, Inna Sergienko spoke about socialization and integrated support for families raising autistic children and professionals working with them.

She said that a family that raises a special child also gradually becomes autistic. That’s because parents constantly face misunderstanding, social rejection, derogatory pity, and even dismissive attitudes.

“The family often finds itself in a situation where it cannot count on the help of relatives, friends, or the state. The family has no money to arrange a proper intervention for a child. So the parents stay with a child 24 hours a day. It’s not easy,” noted Inna Sergienko.

“That is why the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation is constantly working to make the problems of autistic people and their families known in Ukraine. We do not stop even for a moment the information campaign, we are engaged in advocacy and socialization, trying to help the regions. We have implemented and continue to implement various educational projects. We are constantly in touch with representatives of the international community. Because only through active action can you really make changes,” said the ‘Autism Europe’ Consul.

Not only Ukrainian, but also foreign experts spoke during the conference. In addition, to support families with autism, they also talked about depression in children with developmental disabilities, the diagnosis of ASD, therapy, and rehabilitation in a pandemic, mental health, epilepsy, and adult autism.

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