“How It All Began”: a significant replenishment on our YouTube channel on April 2nd

We posted all video interviews with Ukrainians on the World’s Autism Awareness Day and on the anniversary of the “Child with a Future” activity on April 2nd. You can find it in our YouTube-channel. We have worked in partnership with them for ten years. They daily protect the special children’s rights, creating the necessary living and learning conditions in our country.

We named this project “How It All Began”. Ukrainians share with you their memories of how it all began and analysis of the path traveled and impressions of it. For our viewers, it is an opportunity to get unique information from primary sources, and for us, it is a good opportunity to thank each interviewer for the time and personal efforts they have found.

Click for watching “How It All Began” interviews https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyYeGHxqH8m2iGsGcqtAtA