April 2nd inside the pandemic, support for sensory impairments and the story of a famous autistic artist – in the new issue of the ‘Autism Today’

Dear Readers!

Introducing the April issue of the ‘Autism Today’.

On the pages of the e-magazine, you can read about how Ukraine celebrated World Autism Awareness Day in the context of a pandemic, and how the coronavirus affects children with ASD and other mental disorders.

‘Types of Sensory Disorders’ – a lecture with this title awaits you in the April issue. We are publishing it as part of an autism and inclusion educational project  – at the joint initiative of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation, the International Autism Academy, and the ACINO pharmaceutical company. In the next issue, you will find a different topic.

And for dessert, we prepared the story of Stephen Wiltshire, an autist who has become a world-famous artist. How he began to create masterpieces and what creative experiments he agreed to – read in the magazine.