Good news from “Autism-Europe” partners

Dear Friends!

We have two good news from our “Autism-Europe” partners on April 2nd!


Today is the World’s Autism Awareness Day and “Autism-Europe” is launching a two-year “I Can Learn, I Can Work” awareness Campaign to inform and raise awareness on how to ensure access to education and employment for autistic people.

“I Can Learn, I Can Work” Campaign revolves around two key topics that are central to the social inclusion of autistic people at different stages of their lives: access to education and employment.

One of the goals is to promote access to quality inclusive education (including university and professional education) for autistic people and to overcome the barriers they face in Europe.

Another goal is to support positive employment initiatives and to call for the application of EU anti-discrimination legislation in the field of employment. Indeed, according to estimates, less than 10% of people with autistic spectrum disorder are working primarily in low-paying jobs or in sheltered places across the European Union. Awareness raising and outreach activities will be carried out at the EU and national levels under the banner of the Campaign.

The campaign comes at an important moment for us, as the EU is currently discussing the future of the EU Disability Strategy for 2020-2030. The European Social Rights Framework will also be implemented in the coming years, which states that “everyone has the right for the quality and inclusive education, training, and lifelong learning to maintain and acquire skills that enable them to participate fully in social life and successfully manage transitions in the labor market ”. And this is a key opportunity for our voices to be heard.

How can you support the Campaign?

  • find a tool that represents one of your skills;
  • make a video/GIF of yourself while holding the tool (and possibly using it);
  • OR take a photo of yourself holding the instrument (and possibly using it);
  • share it on social media using the hashtag #AutismDay2020.

* Alternatively, you can simply take a picture of yourself with the Campaign visual.


We are also pleased to announce that the “Constellation of Solidarity” Belgian initiative wins the “I Can Work” competition.

“Constellation of Solidarity” is the employment project that received the most votes. The project is aimed at creating a multi-operational Internet platform that will allow exchange and cooperation between all participants involved in the professional integration of autistic people.

This platform will make full use of artificial intelligence techniques. Nearly 3 years of activity research has provided a structured and broad overview of the remarkable abilities (cognitive, psycho-behavioral, and social skills) of autistic people. Taking these tendencies into account, as well as their limitations, the platform will offer individual job options that fit specific profiles of people. The aim is also for private and public employers to be aware of this “pool” of specific skills.


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