Children with special needs need a school – an appeal to the Ministry of Education and Science

The NGO ‘Child with Future’ addressed an official letter to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with an initiative to support children with special mental needs and to ensure their right to education as much as possible. Given the quarantine conditions of the educational process in schools, when it is highly recommended to divide classes into two groups and conduct classes on a weekly basis, autistic children and children with other developmental disabilities should be able to attend all classes – together with the first and second groups.

Experts, parents and activists are convinced that children with mental disabilities should not stay at home – they need school, education and socialization. Communication with classmates for such children is one of the main elements of behavior correction. The importance of socialization along with the acquisition of academic knowledge.

The NGO ‘Child with a Future’ has taken such an initiative and urges everyone who is close and important to this topic to write their letters to the Ministry of Education and Science.

If you have any questions, please consult with the director of the NGO Galyna Lozova by phone 050 449-49-59.

The full text ( in Ukrainian) of the letter can be found here: