Distance learning for children with special educational needs: watch the story with Inna and Misha Sergienko on “Apostrophe TV”

Distance learning for children with special educational needs on quarantine. Such an important topic was raised by journalists of the Apostrophe TV channel.

The story is about two completely different children who are trying to learn subjects online. One of them is Misha Sergienko. His mother – Consul ‘Autism Europe’, founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko helped to reveal his story.

She said that it is harder to study online than at school for Misha. It is not always possible to understand the material in such conditions. That’s why we had to attend additional classes.

Inna Sergienko noted: distance learning for autistic children is difficult also because it changes the familiar environment. Besides they do not know how long it will last and what will happen next. And it is very important to understand the plan for special children.

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Earlier ‘Child with Future’ Foundation addressed an official letter to the Ministry of Education with the initiative to support children with special mental needs and maximize their right for education on quarantine.