A miracle from Finland: the story of a donation which touched the team of the NGO ‘Child with Future’

Starting from February 24, 2022, every Ukrainian wants a miracle. Of course, we always want pleasant things, but in the harsh times of war for our homeland – especially. 

Despite the fact that it is spring outside, Santa Claus sent his elf from Finland to us. He gifted us a real miracle and touched the heart of every member of the “Child with Future” team. We would like to share this extraordinary story with you so that your heart will feel a little warmer too.

Recently we received a letter with a request to buy a painting by our incredible Maksym Brovchenko, a young autistic artist from the temporarily occupied Berdiansk. The letter was written by a young 26-year-old Sami Turunen from the Joronen, Finland. After calculating the delivery of the artwork of the little “Ukrainian Picasso”, its cost turned out to be unexpectedly expensive. That’s why Sami suggested a “surprising” solution: not to receive the painting physically, but simply to transfer its cost to us for good purposes. 

“Is it possible to buy a painting without receiving it? The idea is that I will pay for it, and you, if you are kind enough, will donate the money to a children’s hospital, school, art exhibition, or anywhere you see fit. This is a strange request, but I want to help Ukrainians in general and hopefully encourage a young artist. I don’t know if you will be able to pass the message on to Maksym when the money is transferred, but if you can, just say: “Keep up the good work, kiitos!”. “Kiitos” is a Finnish word that simply means “thank you”.

We were amazed by the cordiality, kindness and selflessness of a stranger from the other side of the world who is very humanly affected by what is happening in Ukraine. We agreed that we would definitely transfer the money to Maksym for new paintings and the development of his talent.

“This year has become a litmus test that has highlighted all the qualities of the people we have been friends and worked with, and those we have never even met. This touching story is about the last ones. About those who need nothing, but help in any way they can. About those whose heart is alive, and therefore empathizes with the grief and pain of others. About those who apologize that the transfer arrived later than expected. About those who do not have wings, but angels do not need wings.

We are proud to have met Sami. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the proposed non-standard solution, which will be implemented by transferring funds and wishes to Maksym. We thank our friendly Finland, a NATO member country, for raising such kind-hearted children.

If you wish to purchase Maksym Brovchenko’s paintings abroad and in Ukraine, please consider the “Sami option”. In this way, you will do two extraordinary things. You will enable the painting to “travel” to various exhibitions and help Maksym Brovchenko, who always donates part of the funds received to the needs of the Armed Forces and autistic children.