In China, the fourth meeting on leadership and opportunities empowerment for people with autism was held by the Autism Leadership Network, where Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future” was represented by our Development Director Ira Sergiyenko.

The event was opened by Jailan Guo, Director of the China Women’s Development Foundation and Shaoyu Ke, member of the Fujian Province Political consultative conference, deputy director of social and legal committee.

 “The China Women’s Development Foundation is especially closely monitoring the autism issues. There are plans to inspect the quality of work of all centers of assistance to people with autism, – says Irina Sergienko.  The Chinese approach of solving the problems of people with disabilities is very interesting for Ukraine, since it includes approaches never being used in other countries. ”

The current five-year plan in China is already the 13th in terms of improving the living conditions of people with special needs. This five-year plan aimed at their socialization, the provision of transport and the availability of social services.