On October, 19 there will be a first seminar in Nikopol on “Problems and achievements in the sphere of autism in the world and in Ukraine” within the framework of regional tour of the Councilor of the leading European association Autism-Europe, Inna Sergiyenko. The host party of the seminar is special center of medical and social rehabilitation of children of Dnepropetrovsk regional council.

Seminar will include three informational blocks:

  • Autism in the world: practical practices and cases for Ukraine
  • Autism in Ukraine: recent achievements, best practices
  • Future of child with autism in the region: cession of questions and answers, aimed at certain situation of your city or region

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. All participants will receive hand-outs with main talking points and useful information. The seminar will last for one day. In November Inna Sergiyenko will carry out seminar in Kamenetck-Podolsk. In December – in Kharkiv with the help of organization “Autism. Alternative in Kharkiv.” Also by the end of the year 2013 the seminar will take place in Mariupol.