Development director of the Children with autism support foundation «Child with future» Iryna Sergiyenko has brought much important information to Ukraine from Bhutan, where the International conference on autism and neurological disorders was held.

For example, a development in a child with special needs becomes slower in case if he/she never communicates with neurotypical peers. But here exists another very big problem is baiting. For the beginning, you must not hide a diagnosis from a child. Then he/she will understand why he differs from others. This will give him confidence and reduce baiting. Even highly functional children need to have somebody to whom they could address with questions and problems of social elements in school.

Parents play significant role in social life of a child. If they are ashamed of their special child, people feel it – especially other children and treat special child appropriately as if he is wrong with him. Therefore increases a possibility of baiting and isolation of a child with special needs.
One more parents` mistake is entrusting the fulfillment of their dreams on the child, instead of thinking about what is best for him.