10 millions UAH will be spent on diagnosing and treatment of autism and it is already included into the state budget for 2013. Such an item of expenses appeared for the first time in budget of the state and these funds will be at the disposal of the Ministry of Health.

«The funds are planned to be spent for the purchase of medicines, which are necessary to treat children with autism, – says counselor of the Ministry of Health Dmitriy Podturkin. – We don’t know yet which exactly medicines would be purchased. This would be defined by the nomenclatorial committee at the end of this month».

«We really hope that Ministry of Health would spend money for the most necessary things which are needed: purchase of diagnosing tests, teaching doctors (first of all pediatricians) and informational program for children. It is very important that both doctors and parents would understand that early diagnosing – is the first step for the successful solution of problem of autism, – says founder of the Autistic kids relief foundation “Child with future” Inna Sergiyenko. – from our side we promise that we will strictly control spread of this funds. Taking into consideration how big the problem is, 10 millions UAH – is not a big amount, but it is definitely a precedent for the sphere which for many years was in the shadow of the indifference of the state.

We want to remind that this April parents and social organizations for the first time came with a meeting to the MINISTRY OF Health. As a result Minister of Health, Raisa Bogatyriova, faced the problem personally when visiting kindergarten for children with autism “Child with future”. Item in the state budget for autism – is another win of social organizations and parents, who are not hiding their children, but fight for their normal life.