The Children with Future Autism Assistance Foundation launches the practice of trainings for “Autistic Schoolchildren” elementary school teachers. As part of the reform of the education system in Ukraine, the concept of inclusive education is introduced, when children with special needs study at regular schools with all children. This is a world practice and Ukraine today becomes part of it. But in most schools, children with special features cause a lot of questions, because they never had such experience. The Foundation receives many appeals from schools with questions, so we have developed a training for teachers, in which we answer most basic questions related to the teaching of autistic children, their behavior, communication with peers.

The training program includes the following sections:

– What is autism?

– How to work with an autistic child in a classroom?

– How to distinguish the behavior of a child with autism from ordinary pranks?

– What is a touch room and why is it needed? (Optional)

The duration of the training is 3 hours, it is possible to hold two sections for 1.5 hours each. The number of participants is desirable to 30 people. Training is read Inna Sergienko, founder of relief to the children fund with autism “Child with the future”, consul “Autism Europe”, mother of boy with autism and Iryna Sergienko, director on development of fund “Child with the future”. Inna and Iryna have unique experience – from one side already almost 8 engage in the problem of autism in Ukraine and study world experience, and from other bring up a boy with autism in own family.
The first pilot training took place at the specialized school № 57 with in-depth study of the English language (Kiev). On Dec 21, the second school will be held at the Kyiv School No. 203.

The cost of the training is 3000 UAH. Applications are accepted at Applications are accepted from the school in an arbitrary form with indication of the potential number of participants and the contact person for discussion of organizational issues. For all training questions, you can contact Iryna Sergienko, Director of Development of the “Child with the Future” Foundation at (050) 310-25-85.