March, 25 at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine there was held a science-practice conference within the frames of which Inna Sergienko, Consul of “Autism Europe”, conducted her 20-th jubilee seminar.

On the eve of Autism Awareness Day at theMinistry of Education and Science of Ukraine specialists and social activists have spoken about successful inclusion of children with peculiarities of development and about how to include a child into an inclusion correctly.

Among participants there were representatives of the Ministry, specialists from different regions of our country (psychologists, social pedagogues, speech therapists, and teachers), and parents of children with autism. Totally, over 200 participants have come to listen to the seminar.

“The main problem is in necessity of additional funding for assistant of a child, without whom a full inclusion is impossible, – says Inna Sergiyenko. – In this situation all that we can do is to hold seminars. With the help of these lectures teachers will learn much more about autism and will be able to use their new knowledge in work. They will not tell that such children are unable to educate only because they do not know how to teach them”.