Inna Sergyienko, Consul of the leading European association “Autism Europe”, for the second time visited Rivne on the 29-th of January. Her first seminar in Rivne in the frames of regional tour over the country had been very useful for the audience of specialists and parents; therefore a charitable foundation “Poglyad” has invited consul to the city for the second time.

This time, hearers learned more about the sensory integration of children with autism and the role of the tutor in the school integration. Also there was announced new knowledge in the decisions of daily issues in work with special children.

“We are very pleased to organize this kind of event by our organization for the second time in Rivne. The conference last year helped as parents so specialists to receive answers to their urgent questions on education and rehabilitation of children with ASD.  The aim of the event is joining people, who work with children with ASD, discussing the latest news of the sphere and, of course, exchanging experience , – says Elena Korsun, chairman of the board of the Charitable foundation “Poglyad”, Rivne.

Inna Sergyienko has shared not only the experience of all-Ukrainian children with autism syndrome foundation regarding lobbying of the problem of autism on government level, but those works that are available for her as a Consul in organization  “Autism Europe”.

“The second visit to Rivne witnesses about a great need of information about autism. And if we are invited – it is the proof that we do right and necessary job, – says Consul of “Autism Europe” Inna Sergyienko. – There is more information about autism appears recently that is why we constantly update our seminars, providing the audience with the latest materials and experience”.

The seminar on autism in Rivne is the seventeenth in the regional tour of Consul of “Autism Europe” Inna Sergyienko, who was awarded with International award INAP+2014 (Naturally Autistic People Awards) in nomination of Community Mentor.