On the 7-th of November in Ivano-Frankovsk the 15-th seminar of the Consul of the leading association “Autism-Europe” Inna Sergiyenko was held entitled “Problems and achievements in the sphere of autism in the world and in Ukraine” within the frames of a regional tour over the country.

About half a hundred of people gathered to listen to the Consul, among them there were a lot of specialists and parents.

While talking to the audience, Inna Sergiyenko have been shared her experience regarding how to integrate a child with autism, how to choose a proper activity for him, how to find useful classes, approaches, how to turn games, art and communication into a therapy.

“We have invited the Consul to Ivano-Frankovsk in order to help our specialists to better understand the issues, connected with autism, – said Oksana Voloshyn, head of the department of inclusive and integrated education of the Ivano-Frankovsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education. -We want to discover the essence of the content of the problem of autism, organize knowledge on the method of correctional work with children with autism spectrum disorders in pre-school, mass and special education, master innovative forms and methods of diagnosis and corrective work with children with autism spectrum disorders,etc.”

Inna Sergyienko not only shared her experience of the Ukrainian children with autism support foundation in lobbying the problem of autism at the state level, but also told about those best practices, which are available to her as to the Consul of “Autism-Europe”.

“A lot of studies are being made in the world for solving of the problem; they are changing the approach to rehabilitation of people with autism. To help our children with the greatest efficiency, it is important to monitor the results of these studies and if possible to implement new approaches in Ukraine in the work withevery child, says the Consul. – We can`t let ourselves to invest in studies yet, but we can use the works of our colleaguesworldwide.”

The seminar of autism in Ivano-Frankovsk is the fifteenth one in regional tour of the Consul of “Autism-Europe” Inna Sergiyenko, who has received the International award from INAP +2014 (Naturally Autistic People Awards) at the nomination of Community Mentor.