The director of the Foundation “Child With Future” Larisa Rybchenko have visited Armenia within the framework of the International research and practice conference “Inclusive Education: contemporary problems and perspectives” in Yerevan.

At the conference Mrs. Rybchenko have become a single representative of our country and reported about the conditions of inclusive education for children with autism in Ukraine. Among the participants of the conference there were representatives of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Check Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, USA and other countries.

According to Mrs. Rybchenko, the system of the inclusive education is well adjusted in Armenia.

Any school receives a status of the inclusive institution in case if there at least one child with disabilitystudies in it. There`s a system of “money for a child” in the country,therefore, schools get advantage if children with disability study at their school.

The concept of a child with autism development has been created in Armenia in cooperation with UNISEF. There functions The Center for people with autism, where approximately 150 people are on the constant maintenance. This center is being attending by children from 1.5 year; also there exists a group for adults. All specialists in this institution use in theirworkABA-technique. The center is supervised by the First Lady of the country and the classes for children are absolutely free of charge as well as education at all schools of Armenia.

Also the director of the Foundation have held a master-class in the Pedagogical University of Yerevan, where she has told how our school-kindergarten “Child With Future” is functioning and answered questions, which were interesting for the audience.

“I am very glad and grateful that I had the privilege to represent Ukraine at so important scientific conference. The exchange of experience, which is taking place at these international platforms, is unique. I liked a lot the system of inclusive education, which functions in Armenia. Infact, thereisnothingcomplicatedorincredible.Simply, interests of a child are placed in the center of the system of education. And I hope, that such thing will someday happen in our country”, – comments Mrs. Rybchenko.

Full version of the interview with Larisa Rybchenko you can find in the October issue of the journal “Autism Today”.