We congratulate three graduates of our project – a specialized kindergarten “Child With Future” who are leaving for school life.

Congratulate Bogdan, who for the time of education at the kindergarten has learnt to speak, to eat and dress up by himself, received necessary academic knowledge. Now Bogdan with pleasure contacts with adults, he`s discovered an interest to the world around him, he happily acts at matinees, dances well and even reads poems.

We congratulate Nastya, a soloist of holidays of the kindergarten. Nastya has grown up intellectually, enriched her word stock, her pronunciation has drastically changed, a girl has not only started to speak much better, but she starts a dialogue with enthusiasm and even tries to joke. Nastya has discovered an interest to the outside world, as well as the understanding of many processes that occur around, her education behavior has been improved, she enjoys contacting with children and adults. Nastya will learn is in a specialized school. We are confident that she will succeed!

We congratulate Anton – a very creative, talented and a smart boy, who is to go to the inclusive class of an ordinary school. For the time of education Anton has learnt to dress up by himself, to concentrate at processes of dressing up and eating, to play with children, to accept the rules of a game and social life. He learned how to make a lot of effort to control himself in the classroom, to comply with the order of an answer, do not shout, if you have not been asked, not to be distracted by playing with other children, to structure sentences properly. Anton gained a sense of humor and his natural creative skills gained new bright colors.

We wish you success!