12, Saturday, the Studio of “Child With Future” started a new school year. The classes have been attended by parents and children, who had already grown weary for the time that they spend in creativity at an easy atmosphere of various master-classes.
At the first class this school year all participants under the guidance of a coach Nataliya Goncharuk have been creating autumn “picture” using various developmental techniques.

“Our works, basically, are the combination of many areas of creativity”. These are complex classes, including drawing, modeling, applique and even elements of collage. All this develops creativity, imagination, motility. I always try to devote a plan of classes to a season. If it is autumn now – we shall make an autumn leaf fall – a hedgehog, who`s gathering his harvest. The other words, we`ll use those gifts of nature, which we have now”, – said Nataliya Goncharuk.
Children, as usually, had a possibility to communicate to each other, to train their  endurance and skills in team work with parents as well as receive a wonderful hand-made article.  
 “At first my son felt very scary.  It`s great that everything is going on in a free format here, not as, for example, at a kindergarten or at school. It is a big plus for my boy. Now he can sit and work. He likes it. At the Studio there are children of different age and condition. My son, who suffers from serious disorders, has a possibility to be accepted by a team of normal children”, comments mom of Elena Ivashova.
Curator of the Studio Alena Svrdlova stresses that a better feedback for organizers is a joy, with which families attend classes.  Mrs. Sverdlova promises that this school year all visitors of the Studio are to get a lot of interesting and new things.
We are inviting everyone to join our friendly and creative team!