Ukraine does not support autistic adults in any way: ‘Autism Europe’ Consul Inna Sergienko gave an interview to the ‘Channel 24’ website

Ukraine has become better at diagnosing autism in children but still does not know what to do with special adults. The Consul of ‘Autism Europe’ and the founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko, told about this in an interview for the ‘Channel 24’ website on World Autism Awareness Day.

According to her, there are only a few supported living homes in Ukraine. Therefore, after the death of parents, autistic adults mostly end up in boarding schools. And there are no conditions for their further development. And as for payments from the state, it does not go to everyone.

“Only those who have a serious disability receive a paltry pension. The greatest fear of parents of an autistic child is “what will happen to my child if I die?” says Inna Sergienko.

She once again reminded us that the sooner a child is noticed, the better the chances are that he or she could be treated. The ‘Autism Europe’ Consul added: the ‘Child with Future” kindergarten was the first in Ukraine to begin early intervention for special children. Now the youngest child in this preschool is 1 year old.

In general, the pediatrician, or family doctor who serves the family, should be the first to suspect a child has a problem. At 18 months of age should be tested M-Chat – so recommends the protocol, says Inna Sergienko. And adds: if the parents have raised the alarm, it is necessary to consult either a child neurologist or a psychiatrist. Only the psychiatrist is diagnosed with autism, but a neurologist can refer parents to him if it is necessary.

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