The Second Practical International Conference on Autism (IPAC2020) will be held in Kyiv on November 20-21st.

‘Child with a Future’ Foundation is the organizer of this landmark event in the field. The program of the event is under development. But it is already known that part of the time will be devoted to the exchange of experience between Ukrainian participants in the field.

According to this, the Foundation ‘Child with a Future’ announces an abstract competition for a Conference’s potential speakers.

The abstract is a summary of experience, an ‘advertisement’, which is designed to attract a potential listener and explains why he needs to come and listen/watch this particular experience. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee on a competitive basis. Usefulness and uniqueness of the experience for the Conference participants are the main criteria, as well as its relevance in the overall design of the event.

Potential speakers have the opportunity to present their experience in three formats: presentation 15 minutes, practical seminar 1–1,5 hours, poster.

If you have something to say to a wide audience of professionals, parents, activists, and the media, fill out an application form

No performance fee is expected.

The deadline for abstracts submission is until 23:55 on April 15th, 2020.

Registration for the Conference participants (listeners) is expected to open in April 2020.

Information about the First Practical International Conference on Autism (IPAC2019) is available here