The Second International Practical Conference on Autism will take place in late November. This time in online format

The Second International Practical Conference on Autism will take place on November 21-22 and November 28-29. This year, in response to the demands of the time, we are changing its format. It will be possible to follow this important event in the field of autism online.

This November, the topic of the conference is “Inclusion and support of families».

So during the two weekends lectures we will talk about:

  • conditions for inclusion in Ukraine and inclusion preparation;
  • special educational needs of children with various mental disorders;
  • early intervention;
  • inclusion practical experience;
  • realities in cities and villages;
  • support of families in educational institutions;
  • what difficulties await a special child at school, if he was not prepared for school;
  • bullying and how to counteract it;
  • speech development in a child who does not speak;
  • sensory integration, etc.

Among the main speakers – ‘Autism Europe’ Consul Inna Sergiyenko, head of child psychiatry section of the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine, head of the Department of Mental Disorders of Children and Adolescents of the Institute of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Igor Martsenkovsky, director of kindergarten for children with special needs ‘Child with future’ Natalya Struchek, Director for Development of NGO ‘Child with Future’ Iryna Sergiyenko and others.

International experience, among the speakers – Dr. Virginia Bassi (USA), an adult autistic from the United States – Professor Stephen Shore, Katerina Chavchavadze (Georgia) and others.

More details about the conference and how to register – see here

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