Sensory features of a child with special educational needs: Inna Sergienko gave a lecture for teachers in one of the capital’s schools

The Consul of ‘Autism Europe’ and the founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko told the Kyiv teachers about the sensory features of a child with special educational needs on February 4. 

The lecture took place in a specialized school of I-III levels No. 57 with an in-depth study of English. It became part of the educational work within the International Academy of Autism activities – an initiative that the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation launched last year.

The Consul of ‘Autism-Europe’ spoke about the features of sensory education, how it affects behavior, the problems that may arise, and possible options for solving them during the speech. Also, Inna Sergienko taught teachers to compose and analyze a child’s sensory profile.

“I would like very much our educational activities to resonate with teachers. And although education has improved for them today, they often do not know how to work with children with special educational needs. And sensory features, which I talked about during my lecture, are an important component of interaction with such pupils. Understanding these moments will make it possible to get to know the child better and decide how to work with him or her,” said Inna Sergienko.

After the lecture, all its participants received numbered certificates. They will help educators accumulate hours of advanced training in the direction of teaching children with special educational needs.

Earlier, the director of the ‘Child with Future’ kindergarten Natalya Struchek, told the  24 channel website about how the approaches to raising autistic children have changed in 10 years. kanalu /