“I’ve always been a white crow”: the story of a woman who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 48 in the ‘Autism Today’ e-magazine

Rachel Rowe from Australia is the mother of an autistic girl. Ever since the woman found out about it, she has started charity work.
However, as she became more familiar with autism, Rachel realized that she was also a special person.
She went to the specialists to check it. And she was not even surprised when her suspicions were confirmed.
And although the woman is 48 years old and it was better to diagnose autism at a very early age, Rachel is convinced that this diagnosis has helped her better understand herself.
“I always felt like a white crow in my family. I constantly doubted what I had to do, couldn’t find answers to the questions that seemed simple and clear to everyone. I did not know how to behave, what was right or not. Therefore, people reacted to my words or actions quite differently than I expected,” the woman recalls.

Read more about Rachel Rowe’s story in the August issue of ‘Autism Today’.

Ukrainian translation of the world-famous novel about an autistic boy was presented Earlier in Kyiv with the support of the ‘Child with future’ Foundation.