How to establish understanding at school: an online seminar with parents of special and neurotypical children is available

‘How to establish understanding between parents of neurotypical and autistic children’ online seminar is available on our website and Youtube channel.

Three speakers took part in the discussion – the Consul of the ‘Autism-Europe’ and founder of the ‘Child with Future’ Foundation Inna Sergienko,  mother of a girl with autism Elena Kovalenko and mother of an autistic child’s  classmate Yana Sapozhok.

The speakers noted that fear of ‘different’ children arises from ignorance and unpreparedness. If  parents of neurotypical children find out that an autistic student will be joining the class, they may get scared. Those parents think of the scary stories in the news and portrayals of people with mental disabilities in movies.  Due to misinformation and lack of knowledge, parents become afraid for the safety of their own children.

Parents need to prepare their children for a new classmate with special needs to avoid such situations. Autistic students may act strange, but they are not dangerous to others. . If you explain this to parents, they will help their children to understand more about their classmates. Therefore, the speakers advise mothers and fathers of special children to communicate with parents of neurotypical children. This will avoid misunderstandings and will foster children’s friendship in the classroom.

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