“Dancing on Edge” poem about war by Misha Sergienko won a school poetry competition in the UK

A poem about war “Dancing on Edge” by Misha Sergienko, a teenager with autism, won a school poetry competition in the UK.
Consul of Autism Europe, founder of the NGO “Foundation for Children with Autism Syndrome “Child with Future” and mother of the talented schoolboy Inna Sergienko said:

“Maxim – Kosmo Maks draws war instead of space, Misha writes a poem about nature, but in fact about war… Why do our children need this? Damn war…
Misha sends me the text and… I’m shocked—a whole poem, and in English.
It was a few days ago.
Yesterday we found out that Misha won first place in the contest!
So congratulations to the winner!
Misha won and Ukraine will win!”

In the video, Misha reads the final part of the poem

Full text of Inna Sergienko’s post