Believe in the future: the story of Inna Sergienko and her son in the ‘Snidanok with 1+1’ program

Journalists of the ‘Snidanok with 1+1’ program told the story of the ‘Autism Europe’ Consul and the founder of the INGO ‘Child with future’ Inna Sergienko and her son Misha. The story was broadcasted on October 6th.
“It helps to open the world to those who were often hidden from it. Even parents,” this is how the video begins. The video tells how Inna Sergienko understood for the first time that her child was developing differently, what the doctors answered her, and where the child was diagnosed.
The Consul notes that she was constantly studying with her son and believed in his success. And the work gave results. The boy is already in the 9th grade. He is studying English in-depth and also loves board games and books.
The video also tells about the ‘Child with future’ kindergarten for children with mental development disorders and the principle of what it works.