February, 26, in village Gora (Boryspil region) a seminar «Problems and achievements in the sphere of autism in the world and Ukraine” was held in the frames of regional tour of Consul of the leading European Association “Autism Europe” Inna Sergiyenko. Hosted by Boryspil regional administration on the base of City OOS І-ІІІ degree of Boryspil region. About  quarter of a hundred of psychologists have been going to attend the seminar. The most interesting thing for people have been practice and diagnosis matters.

“Thanks to this seminar our psychologists received additional and useful information about special children. Now they can use this knowledge in their work as well as draw attention of parents to signs of this disorder”, – underlined the head of PMPC Inna Didyk.

“The audience was very good. It was evident that people were interested. But it was understood that not each of them realized for himself at least what autism was. I suppose that it is very well that such courses are being held. Also I perceived that Boryspil regional administration held such advanced training lectures regularly. And in it a great advance. My hearers were those psychologists who work on private conditions and at schools, at kindergartens. The more knowledge they will have about actions in certain situations, the more they will understand how to draw attention of parents to probable signs of autism. People were concerned about a problem of diagnostics since they still don`t know where to transport a special child and who is obliged to diagnose him. I would contingently divided the audience on two groups. The firs one includes those who saw children with autism and worked with them. And the second one includes people for whom this information is a general education, but however, they came to me and told about their suspicions as regards some children with whom they faced”, – shares impressions Inna Sergiyenko.