12th Anniversary of World’s Autism Awareness Day

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Today humankind celebrates the 12th World’s Autism Awareness Day, established by the UN General Assembly in 2008. For the “Child with a Future” Foundation, this is the 10th annual page of activity that we are now turning over with you. Our activity has always been and will remain open, with unchanged principles and goals.

10 years is a serious period for every case. I would not want to sum up the results of our activities, because there are actually a lot of them and because we still have a lot of work to be done.

Today I want to express simple words of gratitude. I want to thank you for the solidarity and support that you provide to autistic children. Each at his own level, each according to his capabilities, each with his own heart, time, and skills.

I would like to thank all our friends, domestic and international partners, government and public figures, representatives of the IRC, colleagues and competitors, teachers and doctors! Dear Parents, I am sincerely proud of your wisdom and endurance! I am very pleased that every year there are more people who are friendly to autism in our country. Take big and sincere gratitude to you.

The best assessment of our activities is your answers to questions about the situation with autism in Ukraine in the national survey, which was conducted by the “Child with a Future” Foundation in 2019 by the “Autism-Europe” initiative in Ukraine.

75% of respondents answered that the situation has improved and this inspires the entire Ukrainian society. And this feeling cannot be bought for any money. Today I urge you to join in solving issues related to autism in Ukraine. The least each of us can do is to share information about this problem without stopping or turning away.

And then it will become your personal contribution and a bright puzzle in the colorful picture of our country. This picture will never become complete without you because each of us is special.

Wish success and prosperity to our country at this difficult time! Wish happiness and health to you, your children, and your families!

“Autism-Europe” Consul, Founder of the “Child with a future” Foundation

Inna Sergienko