On September, 26 2013 Her Royal majesty Queen of Denmark Mary opened 10th International Congress of “Autism-Europe” “New directions in autism” in Budapest. More than 1100 people and 73 countries participated in it. The Congress concurred with 30th anniversary of the European association “Autism-Europe”. The Councilor of the association and the founder of the Foundation “Child with future” Inna Sergiyenko presented report on the situation in Ukraine telling about ceasing of practice of changing diagnosis form autism to schizophrenia at the age of 18.

The aim of the Congress, which lasted for 3 days, was exchange of experience and recent achievements in the sphere of diagnosing, early intervention, treatment, inclusive education, support, providing working places, as well as protection of rights of people with autism in the world and in each country in particular. The participants from different countries represented such directions as genetic research, involvement of computer programs for the adaptation and socialization of special people, forms and methods of education etc. Special attention was paid at scientific support for the used methods. Apart from world leading specialists, people with autism participated in the congress, sharing their perception of the world as well as inner feelings.

“Ukraine falls behind 25-30 years in the process of resolving problem of autism, – says Inna Sergiyenko. – That’s why our task for now is to reduce this term, by means of using world experience and adapting it to our country. Now, world community stands for joining efforts – exchange of information, methods, visits of specialists. We are very supportive in it. With this aim during the congress we talked and arranged cooperation with the representatives of many different outstanding organizations, among which one of the most famous in the world – Autism speaks.”