Yesterday in Administration of President there was a meeting with working group on creating system of help for peolple with autistic spectrum disorders. The topic of the meeting was “Working out mechanism of providing help for children with autism from 6 months age until 18 years old in the system of education”. As a result they defined 4 stages of education (3 preschool stages and one school stage), as well as pointed out types of institutions, where parents can ask for help within the framework of each stage. On Friday, 24th May all worked out proposals will be presented on the meeting of Association of parents of children with autism, in order to understand whether all key needs of children were taken into consideration. As a result we expect to have a document, which would be able to give a start for the work with Ministry of education on organizing system of education for autists in Ukraine. This document will be published.

The participants of the meeting:

  • Y.Miroshnichenko, member of Parliament, Presidential envoy
  • I.Savchuk, deputy of the Department on protection of children’s rights 
  • A.Sych, attorney, assistant of the member of Parliament
  • I.Sergiyenko, council of the organization “Autism-Europe”
  • L.Rybchenko, Director of the Fundation “Child with Future”
  • E.Panichevskaya, Head of the Association of Parents of children with autism
  • I.Martsenkovskiy, child psychiatrist
  • D.Shulzhenko, professor, doctor of psychology of Institute of correctional pedagogics of the Kiev Dragomanov pedagogic university 
  • T.Skrypnic, deputy of the correctional and developmental lab of children with autism in the Institute of special pedagogic, Doctor of schychology, Head of “Little prince”
  • K.Ostrovskaya, assistant professor of psychology of Lvov Franko national university, Head of the supporting centre for autists “Open heart”
  • S.Miguleva, head of social organization for disabled persons “Special childhood”, Depropetrovsk