The importance of preparing children with special needs for kindergarten was told by Natalya Struchek, director of a specialized kindergarten for children with autism spectrum disorders “Child with future” on the air of the “Golos Stolytsi”. You can watch the full interview here, as well as in the video gallery of our site.

Natalya Struchek primarily explained the importance of preparing a child with autism for inclusion in kindergartens. “If you immerse such a child in the environment of his peers without preparation and give the load that is usually given in standard-type gardens, then the child will become uncomfortable for that microsocium of children and for teachers who in this situation simply cannot educate the child,” she said.

We also talked about the differences between a specialized garden and an ordinary one, about the importance of not being afraid of such institutions if you have a special child – the range of services will be wider and the approach more individual, which will help to achieve a better result.

The expert said why they also work with parents in the kindergarten and explain how to change the model of behavior and interaction with the child, how much it is necessary to change the social environment in which the autistic is located.

We also discussed the problem of “chasing the school”, when parents try by any means to make the child go to school without weighing all the pros and cons. Natalya Struchek still advises to look at the situation not from the point of trends and pursue a certain norm of life or be guided by mental considerations, but think about the benefits for a child of a particular educational institution. So, if we focus more often on correcting problems, then in many other countries they focus on the child’s capabilities, on his strengths, on teaching him applied skills.

The discussion contained many more relevant and useful questions and answers. You can watch the full version of the broadcast by the link and also in the video gallery of our site.