On October, 6 on the Teacher’s Day eve a practical seminar “Towards Inclusion” organized by the Association “Child.ua” and the portal Autism.ua was held at Premier Hotel Rus. The workshop brought together more than one hundred representatives of special and ordinary schools, inclusive resource centers, psychologists, and teachers’ assistants from Kiev and other regions of Ukraine. The seminar covered the following topics: how to create an appropriate and unhindered educational environment for children with special educational needs, how their mind works, what are the development features of a child with special educational needs from 3 to 9 years old. 

The organizers paid special attention on the inclusion process and introducing of social inclusion concept for families with children with special needs. Director for Development of the children with autism support foundation “Child with future” Irina Sergienko participated in the seminar as a guest speaker. Irina highlighted the practical issues of inclusion and the structure of the “Child with future” foundation, showed what a resource / sensory room can be and why it is needed, proved the importance of its existence in an educational institution and in additional education institution.  

Participants were also presented innovative technologies for the diagnosis and behavior modification of children with special needs.  

Thanks to the workshop guests were able to get answers to most of the questions concerning interaction and organization of the educational process with special pupils.