On the 26-th of January 2017 Consul of the leading European Association “Autism Europe” Inna Sergiyenko arrived to Kramatorsk with her lecture program under the initiative of “Association of women “Pani”. She told about differences of people with autism from ordinary ones, and how to react and help them to adapt to society.

“Citizens of occupied Kramatorsk had some rough times, but they remain positive Ukrainian people. Activists made their best to keep the city as a part of the country, they promoted peace in Kramatorsk. Nowadays, when worst times are left behind, they don`t forget about such problem as autism”, – says Inna Sergiyenko.

During 2016 year, thanks to active position of parents of children with autism, the situation with autism had been analyzed in Kramatorsk. “As the preparation process for the seminar showed, there is a lack of information in Kramatorsk: both specialists andpractitioners want to study (psychologists, speech pathologists, speech therapists) as parents themselves, – says Victoria Lysenko, a representative of the initiative group of parents of Kramatorsk. – As in other cities of Ukraine, problems regarding bringing up children with autism mainly fall on parents. Additionally, unwillingness of society to accept special children appropriately impacts the situation. But we sincerely believe that this seminar will help to overcome our difficulties”.

After the seminar Inna Sergiyenko had a possibility to visit local kindergartenwith groups for autistic children, a school with inclusive education and a Center for rehabilitation of disabled children. In each institution the round tables were held with her participation.

“In Kramatorsk we saw a good opportunity for development of services for autistic people – there is a school with inclusive education and the Center for rehabilitation of disabled children. Both institutions are state organizations and situated in the neighborhood, – notices Inna Sergiyenko. – This is great when a child can attend inclusive class and go to correctional center after the lessons. We gave to colleagues from Kramatorsk an idea of model of complex institution and they agreed that it was interesting”.

The seminar on autism in Kramatorsk is the 30-th one in the regional tour of Consul of “Autism Europe” Inna Sergiyenko, who received the International award from INAP +2014(Naturally Autistic People Awards) in nomination of Community Mentor.