New season 2016-2017 of educational seminars by Autism-Europe Consul and founder of the children with autism support foundation “Child with future” Inna Sergiyenko begins on  October 27 in Rivne. Consul has updated her program regarding proposals of the audience during her previous seminars. The updated course “Autism: diagnosis, sensory integration, training” will be also interesting to the audience that has already attended Inna’s seminars. This new season Inna will be hosting seminars in Rivne and Zhytomyr (27-28 October), Uzhgorod (November 24), Chernivtsi (December 22), and in 2017 she will visit Krivyi Rig, Kramatorsk, Zaporozhzhye and Poltava. The announced dates may change – stay tuned for our announcements.

We are grateful to our partners for their interest in the workshops and the knowledge they give. All participants will receive course materials from the organizers, as well as certificates of participation.
We remind that if yopu want to invite the Consul to your city, you need to apply in advance. Consul’s visit and audience participation is free of charge.Details and conditions for seminars is at