The event for children with autism was held in the Kyiv petting zoo “Strana YENOTiYA” (“Country YENOYiYA”). Pupils of the Studio of socialization “Child With Future” together with their parents for the first time had a possibility to communicate to animals of the zoo so close, as well as to touch and feed them.

Some types of therapy with the help of animals have been used for rehabilitation of children with autism long time age, but the whole zoo with dozens of little animals is absolutely new technique, which had been elaborated in Europe. The appearance of such zoo in the capital will bring joy to many parents – here children will be able not only to look at animals, but to touch them. Tactile contact and direct communication with a pet can help child to overcome his fears, improve his mood, to get rid of some mental disorders. Animals contribute to human development, education in it the very best sense.

“We are very delighted to host our little guests. In our zoo the most important thing is not the quantity of animals, but their friendliness, grooming, since children have to feel pleasure and safety playing with them ”, – says exclusive reseller of the franchise of the petting zoo network of “Stana YENOTiYA” Helena Lastovkina.

Except exotic animals children could make friends with more famous pets: mini-horses, goats, sheep, piglets, rabbits, chickens, cocks. “For children with autism this zoo is a wonderful combination of pleasant and useful! – says the head of the Studio of socialization “Child With Future” Alyona Sverdlova. – We are glad that we are extending the opportunities for rehabilitation for special children, since it is pleasant to see results of our work – smiling children and happy parents outside home and a familiar environment”.

The difficulty with communication, inherent in children with autism can be overcome in various ways. Communication in new environment with new people or even animals is not easy for special children. But the practice shows that with these very littlest steps one should show the diverse world around a child and help him make friends and find its place in it.

“Nosuhs made the brightest impression on us – they are very sociable and curious. My son at first was afraid of them and later he fed them and played with pleasure! It is unforgettable”, – shares her impression Natalia, Maxim’smother.