Due to the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and active position of parents of children with special needs and professional public organizations (including Children with autism support foundation “Child With Future”), Ministry of Education and Science today have given their explanation regarding organization of educational and upbringing process for children with special educational needs for educational institutions on 2015/2016 academic year. The letter has been addressed to regional departments of education and science, Kyiv City State Department as well as to institutions of postgraduate education and general education for practical use.

The founder of the Foundation “Child With Future” Inna Sergiyenko said that today on State level it is being speaking about assistants of a child with special needs. “Two years earlier, when we started this initiative, it seemed unreal in our conditions.  But today this possibility is already recorded in official documents. It is still unpaid work, which more likely will be done by parents and volunteers, but we`ll be moving further and will achieve better conditions for special children”, – comments Inna Sergiyenko.

We suggest you to read the full text of the letter (in UKR).