Dear parents! Enrollment of families to volunteer project “Befriender” of Foundation “Child With Future” is started.
Befriender is a volunteer, who like an older brother or a sister, can help You with your child.   Befriender, first of all, offers a family a short break, spending time with a child in home conditions or at walk as well as promotes to socialization of a child. In the frames of the project we provide services of befriender at first stage during three months twice a week for two hours. Time and days of week will be agreed with each family individually. Befriender`s work is absolutely free of charge for a family.  This stage of the project is being held in Kyiv.

Befriender`s activity has a range of limitations. Befriender:
–  don`t feed a child,
– don`t sit with a sick child
– don`t tidy up and don`t go shopping,
– don`t do correction work
– don`t give medicine
– don`t sit with brother or sister for additional payment.

Families with children with autism aged under 10 years are being enrolled to the project. Befrienders are students of specialized universities who have no working experience with children with autism.
In order to participate the project you need to fill in ALL blanks of Application and to send with a photo of a child via till March, 15. Privacy is guaranteed! If there are two and more children with autism in a family, please, send application and a photo for each child separately. Applications without full data and without photo will not be accepted. Quantity of participants in the project is limited!
After processing of Applications our expert group will choose families for participation in the project and will hold an interview with each family on the territory, where a child lives and with his obligatory participations / presence. The final decision about participation of a family in the project will be made only after an INTERVIEW.
Each family-participant of the project receives:
– Project participation rules (memo).
– Project coordinator`s contacts.
After acquaintance of a family with a volunteer, both have a right to ask for a change of a family/ a volunteer with obligatory indication of the reason of the request.  If possible, the coordinator organizes this matter.
We are waiting for your applications!