2, April, on the World Autism Awareness Day, for the first time Kyiv City Council joined the World Action “Light It Up Blue!” and together with Consul of «Autism-Europe» Inna Sergiyenko and a mother of a boy with autism Natalya Saganova held briefing for the Media, dedicated the problems of autism in Ukraine. 

As a sign of tolerance towards people with autism deputies of Kyiv City Council have put on “blue puzzles” – a symbol of autism.

Volunteers of our Foundation also distributed for deputies flyers with information about the first signs of autism and its diagnostics. And Consul of «Autism-Europe» Inna Sergiyenko handed Vitaliy Klichko a gift – a picture made of dough by children with autism from Nikolaev.

By the entrance to the session hall of Kyiv City Council a charitable photo exhibition “Child with future” has been installed, which told deputies the stories of little children with autism.

“For the first time Kyiv City Council have opened its door and hearts for children with autism. It is a little victory for us, which promises to become a great achievement. Autism is still s strange disease for many people. They afraid of children with such a disease, these children are not allowed in schools and kindergartens. Therefore, public support of the Kiev authorities in the face of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, and city council members, is very important for every child and every family, for which they bow! “- Said Consul,” Autism-Europe “, the founder of the Foundation “Child with Future” Inna Sergiyenko.