‘Everyone is a Special One’: ‘Child with Future’ Foundation took part in a flash mob for the World Autism Awareness Day

The ‘Child with Future” Foundation took part in the ‘Everyone is a Special One’ flash mob. It was dedicated to the World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated annually on April 2.

This year such action in social networks was organized by the ‘European Solidarity’ political force and its representative – the wife of the 5th President of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko. 

The face of the informational video https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4109867742390944 was a 14-year-old autistic teenager Mykhailo Segiyenko.

To participate in the flash mob one had only to distribute his photo in social networks in blue clothing or with elements of blue and put the kozhen_obliviy hashtag.

Marina Poroshenko noted that ‘rain children’ need our support and perception, and quality educational and remedial services. “Because every autistic child has the right to a happy and fulfilled life!” Marina Poroshenko emphasized.