“Complete secondary education” Law: a child’s assistant became a participant in the educational process

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted a new “Secondary education” Law. The document provides for a number of innovations that should affect the development of school education. They also apply to children with special educational needs. Thus, article 19, paragraph 1, was amended by the proposals of public organizations. It concerns the fact that the child’s assistant is a participant in the educational process and must be admitted to the class.

“This is very important for children with special educational needs because the child’s assistant acts as a connecting link that helps to find a common language and build relationships between the teacher and the child’s parents, to establish relationships in the support team and support a special pupil,” says the director of “Child with a Future” Foundation Galina Lozova.

She also notes that since 2013 the “Child with a Future” Foundation has drawn the attention of the public and officials to the fact that special children should have the right to study at kindergartens and schools because they are capable of learning.

Thanks to the PO “Parents’ Union” for the support and cooperation in defending the rights of our children!