“Child with a future” kindergarten new service – “Child’s future” independent testing

A new service for independent testing “Child’s Future” has been launched in “Child with a Future” kindergarten. It is provided by a council of teachers with 10 years of experience working with special children. Testing is designed for children ages 1 to 8 years old who do not attend kindergarten.

This program will help to:

  • understand the current level of a child’s development;
  • assess compliance with the norms for the development of social and academic skills;
  • assess the % readiness for inclusive education at kindergarten or school;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the teacher’s work with a child;
  • compare the level of a child’s development before classes in any therapy center, kindergarten, or school, and the level of development after a certain period of time;
  • decide which teacher the child needs right now, and who can be dispensed with.

Read here to get more information on how testing works and how to get into it


or contact the director of the kindergarten Natalya Struchek 050 352-90-97, struchek@cwf.com.ua