In connection with the educational reform and the introduction in Ukraine of the concept of inclusive education, we receive many appeals and questions about the organization of a joint educational process for ordinary children and children with special needs. Having 7 years of experience working with special children in the framework of pre-school preparation, the the foundation “Children with the Future” launched a series of trainings “Autistic child in school” for teachers of ordinary schools.
The training program includes the following sections:

– What is autism?
– How to work with an autistic child in the classroom?
– How to distinguish the behavior of a child with autism from an ordinary prank?
– What is a sensory room and why is it needed?
Training is useful for teachers and collectives of general education schools, as well as for parents of special students. Pilot training for the team of the Kiev school № 57 in the autumn of this year was conducted by Inna Sergiyenko, mother of a boy with autism, founder of our foundation and consul “Autism-Europe”.
On Dec 21, Irina Sergienko, the director for the development of the Ditina z Maybutnim foundation, conducted the training for the staff of the Kiev school No. 203. At the invitation of Andrei Melnik, the head of the school, the parents of special students also attended the training, because parents are an integral part of school life. At school number 203 for an inclusive program, one child is studying, but there are also several children who have not been given an accurate diagnosis.
Irina Sergienko shared her impressions of the event: “The training was excellent, without interruption, although we propose to break it into two parts with a duration of 1.5 hours. A lot of questions were asked, and special cases were analyzed – how you can apply the information received in the training in life situations. It was nice to receive gratitude from the participants on completion and an invitation to conduct the training again in late January, this time with the involvement of teachers from neighboring schools. ”

Applications for training are accepted in an arbitrary form at Please indicate in the letter the potential number of participants and the contact person for discussing organizational issues. The cost of the training is 3000 UAH.
For all questions regarding the training, you can contact the director for the development of the “Ditin z Maybutnim” Foundation Irina Sergienko by phone (050) 310-25-85