Визуальный словарь для детей с ментальными особенностями

The visual vocabulary of social stories for children with mental specifics in development, published by the INGO “Children with autism support foundation “Child with future” got an approval of the SSI “Institute of Educational Content Modernization” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Scientific and methodical council of the Special pedagogy committee on education of the Ministry of Education and Science agreed on materials of the publication and recommended them for children with special educational needs. The purpose of the vocabulary is to help children with autism, Down syndrome, psychological development delay and other mental issues.

Community activists consider that this will assist special children in the better integration to the society. “There´s been a demand for this book for a long time, –  the Development Director of the “Child with future” foundation Ira Segiyenko says. – A lot of parents ask about ways they can teach a child to behave oneself in a given situation. With the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science this vocabulary can help a large amount of children to learn the appropriate behavior in society. Rules of the communication, civility and respect must work both, as to the people with development specifics, as well as all the rest”.

The vocabulary is describing 31 social situations that child is most frequently confronted with and the code of conduct in each of them. With a help of it a child with specifics will learn to greet and say goodbye, to ask and wait, to communicate and play with children, to use public transport and behave oneself in public places. The vocabulary will be very helpful for parents, educators and other specialists who will be having a contact with children with mental specifics in development.

“Children with autism and other mental specifics are often find it difficult to comply with  some code of conduct accepted in our society, – says Inna Sergiyenko, the mother of a child with autism, Consul of “Autism-Europe”, the founder of the Children with autism support foundation “Child with future”. – Practical training with this vocabulary will help a child to remember the algorithm of actions in a given situation and help to minimize visual distinction between special child´s and ordinary child´s behavior. Thus it’ll be easier for children to relate with others. And this may be one of the principal elements to socialization of these children”.

The vocabulary is a part of the Educational program for children with specifics which is implemented throughout the Ukraine by the Children with autism support foundation “Child with future”.