Проект Kids Autism Games

After the summer holidays, the sports project Kids Autism Games started at the NSC Olimpiyskiy from an open training session. In the new 2017-2018 school year, Kids Autism Games will train 60 children with special development needs in three groups. Each group will consist of 20 children, who once a week under the supervision of experienced coaches will work on improving motor skills and general physical condition, socialize and learn to interact with their peers, become healthier and discover sport talents.

“When we started our sports project, there were many fears that regular trainings would be difficult for the children” , says Inna Sergienko, co-organizer of the project, Consul “Autism Europe”, founder of the “Child with Future” foundation. “But we assembled a wonderful team of partners and coaches who believed in our common cause and did everything to make the children comfortable.” Children have learned to control their body, they became a real team, they were getting stronger physically and simply enjoyed the trainings. Now our task is to provide the opportunity to do sports for as many special kids as possible “

The pilot group of children with autism, which have been training at the NSC Olimpiyskiy from February 2017, showed excellent results – it is possible and necessary to deal with such children. Training is beneficial for both their physical health and their communication skills. Children from the pilot group were extremely active during these 5 months. They participated in three large marathons, visited several festivals, where they helped trainers carry out relay races for all children who wished and passed them themselves. People were surprised with children’s physical condition.  They also proved that now they are not afraid of sport barriaers and new  acquaintances.

The number of groups was increased to partially meet the growing demand for autistic participation in sports. New groups were recruited within three days of the registration’s opening! But many more wishing remain only on the waiting list, so the organizers are planning to increase the project. “This year, with the support of the National University of Physical Training and Sports, we plan to develop a methodical guide for coaches. With the help of this manual and practical trainings, we will be able to train coaches for sport activities with special children and thus expand the project to the regions”, says Natalia Martiashvili, co-organizer of the project and Director of ” SPORT for PEACE “. It is expected that the Kids Autism Games sports groups in the regions will work in cooperation with local organizations supporting children with special developmental needs.


Sports project Kids Autism Games is a joint initiative of the “Child woth Future”, the charity organization SPORT for PEACE and the State Enterprise “National Sports Complex “Olimpiyskiy”.

The project started in early February 2017. Weekly professional trainers “SPORT for PEACE” trained a pilot group of 20 children with autism in the Green Heart of the NSC Olimpiyskiy. Such trainings were specially designed to teach children how to interact through games, develop motor skills, improve the physical condition of children and instill the love for sports.