15 August 2020
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Misha Sergienko will be the speaker at the conference “Tomorrow-2037”

Миша Сергиенко Завтра-2037

Misha Sergienko (11 years old), the son of the founder of our ” A child with a future ” foundation Inna Sergienko, will participate in such a large-scale event as the “Tomorrow-2037” conference.  December 3 in the Dnieper, he will participate in a panel discussion on technology and progress in the life of adolescents – how it looks today and how things will be in 2037.  Teens together will form a model of the future, which can be called smart.


Experiences of mothers of children with special needs from all over the world – in the October issue of “Autism Today”

Аутизм сегодня октябрь 2017

Friends, the new October issue of “Autism Today” is full of experiences of people who care about special children’s destiny. On the pages of the magazine you will see the surprising story of Emma and London, who herself has Asperger’s Syndrome and raising 5 kids with Autism! Read in the brand new edition: how Ukrainian created the most innovative park for children with special needs in the USA, and another mother who created a special GFCF diet for her child.


The visual vocabulary for children with mental specifics is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Визуальный словарь для детей с ментальными особенностями

The visual vocabulary of social stories for children with mental specifics in development, published by the INGO “Children with autism support foundation “Child with future” got an approval of the SSI “Institute of Educational Content Modernization” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Scientific and methodical council of the Special pedagogy committee on education of the Ministry of Education and Science agreed on materials of the publication and recommended them for children with special educational needs. The purpose of the vocabulary is to help children with autism, Down syndrome, psychological development delay and other mental issues.


We invite 10-15 year olds to computer literacy classes

IT школу для детей с аутизмом

We invite special children from 10 to 15 years for a course in computer literacy. As part of the work of the Socialization Studio “Ditina z majbutnim” we are launching an IT school for children with autism, whose goal is to teach computer literacy in preparation for the future profession. Today it does not matter what kind of profession the child chooses – computer literacy is an indispensable program for any kind of occupation.


September issue of “Autism Today” about books, people and cuisine in the world of autism

Friends, we are glad to present the September issue of “Autism Today”. This number is dedicated to the ability to accept the differences of other people. Mark Livin would talk about his new book, Olesya Burlakova will share her experience of finding a good specialist for her son, and a member of the jury “Master Chef” Tatyana Litvinova will develop new dishes for children with autism. An article with special tasks that will help in developing speech skills would be presented as well.


Scientific and methodological foundations for creating a model of psychological, educational and social rehabilitation and integration of children with general disorders

In Kiev on September 28, under the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science, the “Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education,” Lviv University named after I.Franko, NPU Dragomanova and “Case Kolpinga in Ukraine” conducted a scientific and practical seminar “Scientific and methodological foundations for creating a model of psychological, educational and social rehabilitation and integration of children with general disorders (the spectrum of autism).” Participants came to the seminar from all over Ukraine.


The Kids Autism Games project is expanding – there will be up to 60 children in 3 groups

Проект Kids Autism Games

After the summer holidays, the sports project Kids Autism Games started at the NSC Olimpiyskiy from an open training session. In the new 2017-2018 school year, Kids Autism Games will train 60 children with special development needs in three groups. Each group will consist of 20 children, who once a week under the supervision of experienced coaches will work on improving motor skills and general physical condition, socialize and learn to interact with their peers, become healthier and discover sport talents.


We would like to invite you to the festival “In Search of Made in Ukraine: Closing the Season”: do sports and create, organized by “Child with Future” Foundation

фестиваль «В поисках Made in Ukraine: Закрытие сезона»

Friends, on September 30th at the Kontraktova Square in Kiev we are waiting for everyone at the festival “In Search of Made in Ukraine: Closing the Season”, where we present two projects at once: sports Kids Autism Games and creative socialization studio “Child with Future”. From 12-00 to 15-00 the children’s sports zone of the Kids Autism Games project will be running, and from 15-00 to 18-00 – our creative socialization studio “Child with Future” with a master class in painting will take over!


The youngest child in our project is aged a year and 7 months

проект садик Дитина з майбутнім 2017

Friends, our project, a preschool for autistic children “Child with future”, together with kindergartens and schools of our country has begun a new academic year! We are confident that it will open lots of interesting and useful things for kids and their parents. This year the youngest pupil at preschool is aged a year and 7 months!



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